Flowt identity, branding, front-end


Although the project is not yet off the ground, it was an exciting adventure to design a brand and implement it for a web application. This was a project in collaboration with a team from one of the leading research universities in the US. Flowt is a to-do list web application that performs a personalized prioritization of tasks, prescriptive coaching prompts, and time management tools. Using a handful of algorithms to encourage completion of tasks, Flowt is motivated to resolve some of the psychological issues that arise when using to-do lists and other productivity apps. My unique contributions included: devising a participatory, qualitative research method to help set a primer for design of the color scheme, designing iconography and visual idioms throughout the application, designing a logo for use in various contexts, facilitating the iteration process in a clear, open-book approach, and designing a brand guide to explain usage of all brand elements.

Technologies and Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe PhoneGap
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Brackets
  • JavaScript