Future of Museums scenario planning


Scenario planning is an activity that involves mixed methodologies for modeling potential futures that can effect an organization; it is a crucial tool for planning. The practice of scenario planning has become more popular over the years and remains a strategic tool for organizations to prepare for the worst. For this project, my collaborators and I used Thomas Chermack's five-phase approach from his book. Being designers, and systems thinkers, we supplemented the models with additional methods and the results were fascinating. With rapid paradigm shifts in digital technologies, services, and education, our subject for the study was an entity likely to be drasticaly affected: museums. In a period of nine weeks the team and I laid out a series of three potential futures, each encompassing a 20-year period, for which museums can brace. In the Features section below, you can read one of the scenarios titled, "The Subscriber Era".

Technologies and Tools